AO Smith Membrane & Remineralizer Replacements for AO-US-RO-4000


Replacement RO Membrane & Remineralizer for AO Smith 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis (AO-US-RO-4000).

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Product Features:


  • Replacement RO Membrane & Remineralizer for: The Clean Water Filter with RO Boost (AO-US-RO-4000).
  • Use only certified, genuine A. O. Smith replacement filters for continued contaminant removal and system performance.
  • Replacements made easy – no plumber necessary.
  • Reverse Osmosis reduces up to 99% of harmful contaminants including lead, fluoride, asbestos, chromium, and nitrates.
  • RO system with Remineralization – returns the healthy minerals lost in the reverse osmosis process – such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  • NSF certified to standard 58.
  • RO Membrane and Remineralizer last approximately 12 months.
  • Includes one Reverse Osmosis Membrane and one Remineralizer.