AMR4000/Purotwist TQ56-36FC Reverse Osmosis Membrane


AquaMaster Reverse Osmosis Membrane

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TQ56-36FC Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Replacement membrane for the third stage of the filtration of the AMR4000 and AMR4000P reverse osmosis system (1 per unit).

The TQ56-36FC is an encapsulated membrane with capacity of 36 gallons per day. It reduces barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrate, radium, selenium and total dissolved solids. It produces healthier better tasting drinking water and cooking water.

The TQ56-36FC membrane should be replaced every five to eight years depending on the quality of your water.

It is easy to install and user friendly. Designed for quick and simple installation with a twist of the wrist. The easy change system provides a clean method to replace spent cartridges without any mess. Just turn off water & twist to remove filters and replace.