Why Choose Our Products?

WaterDirect is focused on marketing water technologies that are certified and consumer-friendly.  All of these products are designed to lead in efficiency, quality, ease of installation and minimal maintenance.  All water softeners available on WaterDirect are designed and manufactured entirely in North America in a state of the art factory in Ohio.

We only support water treatment products that have a proven track record of performance and reliability.  These Water Softeners are designed to use much less water throughout the entire regeneration process. This is a very important feature to consider when purchasing a water softener, some can use up to 4 times the amount of water and twice as much salt.

WaterDirect products are fully Certified by NSF and WQA both are credible third part Certification organizations that test, audit and certify products and systems for your protection.

Click on the image to follow the link to view the certifications. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@waterdirect.ca.