Why It’s Better To Bathe In Soft Water

The difference between hard and soft water is something you might not notice at first. But having soft water is actually good for your hair and skin. You will definitely notice a change, especially if you struggle with eczema.

Signs you may have hard water

Water marks on glasses: After washing your dishes and glasses, do you find that a lot of them have little grey marks from where water droplets dried? That’s because the minerals do not evaporate like the water and deposit onto your dishware.

Water stains in the bathroom: If you notice a dark yellow or orange stain in your bathtub, toilet or sink, that may be a result of hard water. These stains are hard to get rid of and not to mention ruin the look of your bathroom.

Skin feels filmy after a shower: Do you find that even after a thorough shower, your skin still doesn’t feel clean? This film feeling could be a result of hard water. This soapy residue has even been linked to skin conditions like eczema.

Shampoo doesn’t lather: If your shampoo doesn’t really bubble up the way it should, it might be because the water hardness prevents bubbles from forming.

Why is it better to bathe in soft water?

Softer skin: 

With hard water, it is hard to lather soap and rinse it off thoroughly. The layer left behind by hard water baths and showers makes the skin itchy. With soft water, your skin will both feel and be cleaner.

Clear skin: 

The layer left behind can cause you to itch your skin and contribute to acne. The film can also clog pores in addition to drying out the face. Not to mention that you aren’t getting as deep of a clean with hard water as you could with soft water.

Smooth hair: 

Shampoo will be more effective when you can actually lather the product into your mane. Washing away the shampoo buildup will give your hair a silkier and shinier texture. Colour your hair? Hard water makes colour fade much faster than soft water.

Your bathtub will thank you:

If you are tired of those gross-looking marks in your bathtub, soft water does not cause buildup on the tub and you won’t have to worry about hard water stains again.

How to get softer water?

Look into purchasing a home water softener. Water softeners, once installed, can soften the water in your entire home, while you will feel better in the shower or bath, your clothing and dishes will be much cleaner as well. Check out the selection of water softeners carried by Water Direct. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about hard water, soft water, or water softening products.