Signs You Need A New Water Softener

Using soft water in the home can help you extend the life of your appliances, protect your plumbing and pipes, reduce your energy usage and improve the health of your skin and hair while also allowing you to produce bright, clean clothing.

This is because a water softener removes minerals like calcium and magnesium from the running water that create hard water and build-up. This can affect everything from the feeling of your skin after you bathe to how efficiently your appliances run.

However, after several years you might notice that your water just isn’t as soft as it used to be. Or maybe your unit is using up more salt than usual. This could be signs that it’s time for maintenance or a replacement of your water softener.

Here are some other signs that you need a new water softener:

You Have Dirty Dishes And Itchy Skin

You might start to notice that your dishes are spotty even right after you clean them, your skin is itchy and there is soap scum settling quicker than usual in your sink or bathtubs. These are telltale signs that you have hard water. If you have hard water, your water softener is not working properly. The problem is that your system is not generating enough soft water like it used to because it is old and worn down from years of use.

Your Water Softener Is Old

Your water softener is on a timer based system. These systems regenerate on the schedule that you set over ten years ago. Newer systems regenerate soft water based on exactly when you need it. This is known as demand initiated regeneration. This is ideal since it works on an as needed basis.

Your Water Softening System Is Bulky

If your system is bulky and taking up too much space, like a twin tank system, your softener is taking up too much room. A single cabinet system is a demand initiated system and will take up less space, which makes it the more efficient option for your home.

Newer systems will also include low salt indicators, which is very helpful; they will also have iron removal and water use monitoring. This makes maintenance and management a breeze.

If you notice any of these signs happening to your water and water softener and you want to test your water, you can use a simple test tool so you can discover your hard water number. If you know your number and would like a new system, then you can browse our extensive selection of water softeners.