What Level Of Hardness Is Too Hard For Your Family

What Is Water Hardness?

Water hardness is determined by the amount of dissolved minerals in your water. These minerals are sodium, calcium, and magnesium. The more minerals you have dissolved in the water, the higher your water hardness is. These minerals are naturally found in some underground reservoirs. Hard water isn’t necessarily bad, our body does need these minerals, though it can still have damaging impacts.

What Are The Dangers Of Hard Water?

Hard water does not usually have any internal health concerns. The water can, however, pose challenges to your plumbing and the cleanliness of items in your home. For example, washing clothes in hard water is challenging due to the fact that soap has difficulty lathering. Hard water can also result in stains on your bathtubs and sinks. The disaster doesn’t stop there; mineral deposits in your plumbing pose a different kind of challenge as well. You may see this buildup on your showerheads or faucets. Hard water might even mean you feel less clean after a shower as it leaves behind a soapy film on the skin surface.

How To Tell If Your Water Is Hard

There are a few main ways to tell if you have hard water. One way and the best way to tell if you have hard water is to get it tested. This can be expensive and take quite a bit of time, though. If you want to test how hard your water is at home, you can perform this basic test.  If you do end up going with the water testing route, anything below 120mg/L is fairly reasonable, and usually does not need to be fixed. Above 120mg/L all the way up to and beyond 180mg/L is where you should begin to consider solutions to your hard water.

How To Soften Your Water

Softening your water is something you should do for your home safety and comfort. Rid your home permanently from hard water stains and the pains that come with it. You can boil small quantities of water, but when it comes to showering, washing dishes and doing clothes, this is not going to cut it. To reduce water hardness in your entire home, you will need to invest in a water softening filter. These filters are installed onto your home water line and provide softened water throughout your entire household.

For your water softening needs, visit Water Direct. If you need assistance, our representatives are always available to provide advice for your long-term solutions.